Interior Design and Architecture

moodesign, a Montreal-based interior designer residential and commercial agency established in 2001 by Sébastien Forget, provides expert services in the field of interior design and architecture.
The firm has been leading various projects in both the residential and commercial sectors for more than fifteen years now. Since then, we have acquired a vast experience that demonstrates our highly driven, creative and professional approach. As well, we have gained a level of expertise that helps us carry out each interior design project with great success.

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We will provide you with a concept that is both unique and well-thought-out. Aligned with your values and vision, after working closely with you to share ideas and discuss your goals. From project design to completion, we will work together to create a space that reflects your image and meets the venue’s requirements as well as all your specific needs.

To sum up, our approach is unique and focuses on enhancing a space with a highly creative concept that will meet your expectations.

Project kick-off


  • Detailed analysis of needs, the space and related challenges
  • Planning and preliminary plans
  • Design project perspective
  • Working drawings and estimates
  • Detailed quote for interior design finish work
  • Request for proposal, construction site management and approval of the work
  • Construction site supervision

Specialities and Process

Indeed, whether you are designing office space, residential space or a commercial venue such as a restaurant, bistro, café, nightclub, lounge, bar or any type of shop, we can help you create a beautiful space. Team up with us for the interior design of your hairdressing salon, beauty salon, massage parlour, spa, meditation centre, gym, recreation centre or showroom. moodesign can provide you with a design that is both attractive, functional, ergonomic, enjoyable and contemporary. After taking measurements and assessing needs. We will recommend a design concept that is beneficial and unique to create the optimal ambiance. We will then focus on a development plan, inspirational images. Choosing materials and colours, as well as one or several interior perspectives. Without forgetting custom furniture choices and selecting the furniture and accessories purchased with the set design concept in mind.

Finally, the interior designer will provide working drawings and estimates for requesting construction permits and general contractor bids, subcontractors such as cabinetmakers, glaziers, etc. We will also prepare estimated budgets based on all costs related to the proposed project. As well, moodesign’s designer will be present on the construction site at strategic moments in the construction process. Ensuring the quality of the work and that it is aligned with the residential and commercial interior design concept that has been defined.

To Conclude

You should look for expertise, creativity, passion and attention to detail for each interior designer residential and commercial initiative
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