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moodesign is a dynamic interior design firm that is always looking to innovate and push boundaries in the interior design landscape!

Working notably in the field of residential and commercial interior design services, for nearly fifteen years now.  moodesign leads creative and functional contemporary projects that meet our clients’ needs and are true to the image they wish to convey, creating a sense of belonging and distinction.

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As well, moodesign takes the lead in all required aspects of each project, including perspective drawings; material; furniture and accessory research; development and construction plans; budget estimates; requests for quotes; orders; and site surveillance. We take on all these tasks to ensure they are achieved with the highest quality standards.

moodesign works closely with experts from every trade who are essential to the completion of our projects, particularly general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and seasoned artists.

What are the differences between interior designers and architects or interior decorators?

First of all, if you have an idea for a new project but wonder if you should seek residential and commercial interior design services, or work with an architect,
here are a few clues to help you gain a clearer understanding of the work they do. According to the current Building Code Act. Architects authorize
interior design services to prepare plans and architectural work estimates for the construction, expansion, reconstruction, renovation or modification:

  • of a detached single family dwelling, whatever the building footage or value;
  • of a semi-detached house or row house, a multifamily dwelling of up to four units of a commercial or business establishment, of an industrial facility or a combination of these houses or establishments, provided that after the work has been completed, the building does not exceed two floors and 300 m in gross floor area and has only one basement level.

Also, this Act allows the modification or renovation of any building’s interior design (whatever its purpose, footage or value) or a part of a building so long as, however, these modifications or renovations do not change its use or structural integrity, walls or fire separations, exits and their access, as well as the building exterior envelope.

Overall, the interior designer can transform the function of an existing space. To plan an expansion or the design of the whole space.

For example, planning the decor and ambiance of a place of business such as a restaurant, bar, dance club, coffee house, store, showroom, offices or residences.

Residential and commercial interior design services involve investing in permanent elements, such as washrooms/bathrooms, kitchen, staircases. Also, the interior designer will modulate proportions and choose finishing materials, while using light and colour to create a harmonious,visually balanced space.

The decorator is more focused on decor and finishing elements and accessories. For example: furniture, curtains, colours and wall finishes.

In sum, the interior designer is both creative and highly rigorous. So, aesthetics are taken care of, in addition to functional, safety, environmental and social criteria.

To Conclude

In the end, successful residential and commercial interior design services require expertise, creativity and passion.

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