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moodesign, the Montreal-based interior design firm, has been mentioned in several of Quebec’s commercial and residential interior design media, such as ” Vivre Ici”, a book about Quebec interior design. The firm has also been featured in various articles in décormag magazine for their recognized residential interior design projects. Indeed, both readers and stakeholders chose our firm as part of the magazine’s featured residential interior design projects. As well, moodesign’s work appeared in two short videos from the casatv 1X5 series on spaces and concepts. Our projects were also seen in a few loft design scenes of the Patrick Huard feature film Filière 13. This media coverage always offers a very positive outlook on moodesign’s achievements. moodesign takes this opportunity to thank all involved, such as editors in chief, journalists and photographers, for choosing moodesign, highlighting this Montreal-based interior designer’s talent and skill. moodesign looks forward to future collaborations in Montreal interior design publications.

To begin with

Book interior design project

interior designer projects media moodesign

Vivre ici et là Publié au édition GID 2010
Author : Line Pomerleau

Firt              Projet Clark p.144-145
Secondly     Projet Du Canal p.162-163

moodesign interior designer projects media


Magazine design moodesign

 interior designer projects media decormag

First  décormag Dossier salles de bain , décormag
Publication juin 2013
Article : Drama noir (Chabot)

Secondly   Les coups de coeur décormag
Publication avril 2011
Article : Grand projet, un loft ”wow” (Du Canal)

Then  Spécial rénovation, décormag
Publication juin 2011
Article : Revu et corrigé (Du Canal)

Finally  7 espaces avant / après , décormag
Publication octobre 2011


tv program


1X5 des espaces et des idées (

First Projet Du Canal Vidéo salle de bain – Montreal, Canal Lachine
Secondly Projet Clark Vidéo Cuisines – Montreal, Plateau Mont-Royal



interior designer projects media movie filiere13

Then   Filière 13 Long métrage de Patrick Huard (bande annonce)
Scenes shot inside the policeman’s loft
Thomas played by Claude Legault

Du Canal Project

To conclude

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